What is Sassy Sauerpuss??

Sassy Sauerpuss is more than a website, blog or a store. Sassy Sauerpuss is an attitude.  Here you will find custom made art, handmade items, an adventurous blog and much, much more.

So whether you are Sassy, Saucy, Spicy, Sexy or Sarcastic, you'll find something here for you!  

We pride ourselves on never duplicating our products. We believe your home should be as unique as you. Why have something identical as thousands of others. If there is more than one item here, it was intended to be a part of a set. However, we also know that variety is the spice of life, so we are mixing up our purchasing options. The coasters are now up for individual purchase you will now be able to mix and match. Now your coaster set can truly be unique. We are continuing to update and soon there will be new products such as magnets and ornaments. Since everything here is hand made or hand painted our inventory sometimes takes a bit to get added.  We also have been taking some custom orders and you will soon be able to see those completed projects in a special gallery. So....


Are you remodeling your bathroom or kitchen? Maybe building a new home? We offer custom tile designing. Truly make the room of your choice one of a kind. Maybe a new back splash, maybe you are installing a pool and want it to be set apart from the rest. Whether you like butterflies or elephants. Or maybe you would like hand painted marbling, either way, we can make it happen. Just send us a message with your idea and/or color choices and we will create something to make your home one of a kind.